what is milk?

The print journal milk created by Larry Sawyer in 1998 soon became milkmag.org in 1999. The online poobah was the rightful heir to milk magazine’s original grand print robes. Since then it’s been edited by Larry Sawyer and Lina Ramona Vitkauskas. Only three or so other online poetry journals existed at that time. That’s how long milkmag.org has been online. These things actually happened. Things seem different now. This has the editors questioning.

Here at milk, we are genuinely parched. We thirst for some genuine imagination in an increasingly pedestrian world.

We’re thankful to say that over the years we’ve been entrusted with poetry from Cid Corman, Charles Henri Ford, Ron Padgett, Linh Dinh, Charles Bernstein, Duriel E. Harris, Judith Malina, John Beer, Tony Towle, Amy King, Wanda Coleman, Todd Colby and many others.

The sinister forces of drab dullness are gathering, even now, at your feet. We seek nothing less than the recalibration of your clock and the rerouting of your rivers.

Join us for poetry, political essays, reviews, and visual art on a weekly basis. We promise to do just that.

The Editors,
Larry Sawyer & Lina Ramona Vitkauskas


milk magazine | © 1999-2020
All rights revert to author upon publication. Please respect copyright. None of the material contained herein may be reproduced or stored without permission.

Background artwork: Les Voies Lactees. photo by Man RAY, courtesy collection Timothy BAUM, New York.

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